Local Merchants and how to find them

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A few years ago, actually a few DECADES ago, I embarked on a mission to learn advertising for my companies. I read all the books I could get. Few authors or Gurus agreed on much if any information. Here is my opinion on all that:

For the Mega Companies and National Brands, cash is King. That is, they spend a lot of money to get sales.

For the local, smaller to mid-size companies, ‘Local Advertising’ is King.

Therein lies the issue. With the Yellow Pages all but gone, many Newspapers have drastically down sized or disappeared, fewer regional magazines are in print.

You can use the Internet and Social Media to find products and vet a company, in fact, one can find a product and information about the product or company in a matter of minutes. Then you have to wait for the product to arrive by your shipper of choice.

But what about local merchants. How do you find them and what they sell? We have that solution.