Advertisement for less than a Penny per Ad?

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Video and Digital Commercials displayed on 32 inch, or larger, Flat Screen Monitors in Commercial Businesses in the Northwest.

Commercials Per Location:

  • 1 Commercial in each 10 minute cycle.
  • 6 Commercials per hour
  • 48 Commercials per 8 hour days
  • 288 Commercials per 6 day week

12 Locations

288 Commercials times 4 weeks = 1,152 Commercials per month PER LOCATION times 12 locations = 13,824 Commercials Per Month! That is 7/10ths of a Penny per Ad.

Price per month is $125
for more than 13,000 commercials per month, spread evenly on 12 locations.

All of that, PLUS

  • NO Long Term CONTRACTS (We work on Month to Month agreements)
  • NO Set-Up or Production Fees
  • NO Charge to change the Commercial every Two Weeks.


$100 per month